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Sudden Death - Let's Do It lyrics

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Let's Do It by Sudden Death

And here's the hottest rap group since Vanilla Ice
Here's The Polar Bears singing 'Let's Do It'
Hello baby, do you know me
I'm the freshest MC that could ever be
I'm MC Average Sellout Punk
And I won't feed you a lot of junk
I'll be good so good to you
There isn't anything I wouldn't do
For you baby doll
Let's go home and get buck wild
Let's do it
I want you in bed next to me
For thirty-five seconds of ecstasy
I'll buy you a drink, no I'm not cheap
But after I'm done I need my beauty sleep
So how does that sound to you my dear
Do you understand? Am I clear?
So get in the bed for the motions
That are supercalifragilisticexpialodocious
Let's do it
Raw and hard like never before
When I'm done you'll want more
I know how to treat you right
So let's go have some fun tonight
Let's do it

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