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Strawberry Alarm Clock - Go Back (You're Going The Wrong Way) lyrics

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Go Back (You're Going The Wrong Way) by Strawberry Alarm Clock

Once a long time ago the populace did not know
How to go about making love
In circles they'd walk around and look mostly at the ground
They didn't care what was above
One couple started out, learned what it's all about
At least there's two people happy
Soon the rest all caught on, looked up and saw the dawn
Now everyone loves the sunshine
Things seemed to be alright as love's taking holy shine
And spreading all over the land
But some remained pacifist and some super anarchists
They can't see the matter on hand
One day not far away, each living soul will say
How did we exist without it?
We're all so happy now, no need to show us how
We are all experts at love
Now there are birds singing, now there are bells ringing
Now people singing song, and never doing wrong
But as the time went by
Clouds in the sky
(Clouds in the sky, clouds in the sky, clouds in the sky)
Now we're right back at the start
They didn't realize as they blew it up in size
And let it take over their lives
The same thing is happening now and still you will wonder how
Love can destroy what you love

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