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Straight Outta Junior High - Styrofoam lyrics

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Styrofoam by Straight Outta Junior High

I'll build a home out of styrofoam,
CFC's smell awfully good to me.
When it burns down,
I won't frown,
I don't have any nice sh*t anyway.
I'll throw out trash on the freeway,
In two more days it will be nice and clean.
It creates jobs for filthy f**king slobs,
They don't have any jobs and they're filthy f**king slobs.
Cant you see?
There's nothing wrong with me.
Im an a**hole,
Don't give a sh*t about any thing but me.
I'll babysit your bratty kids
I'll give them beer and make them watch TV
And when they cuss
Please don't fuss
They'll end up just like you
And they'll be sh*tty too.

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