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Stewart Rod - Passion lyrics

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Passion by Stewart Rod

Stewart/ Chen, Savigar, Cregan, Grainger
Somebody somewhere
In the heat of the night
Lookin' pretty dangerous
Runnin' out of patience
Tonight in the city
You won't find any pity
Hearts are bein' twisted
Another lover cheated, cheated
In the bars and the cafes (Passion)
In the streets and the alleys (Passion)
Lot of pertending (Passion)
Everybody's searching (Passion)
* Once in love you're never out of danger
One hot night spent with a stranger
All you wanted was somebody
To hold on to (yeah)
Passion, passion, passion, passion
New York, Moscow (Passion)
Hong Kong, Tokyo (Passion)
Paris and Bangkok (Passsion)
Lot ofpeople ain't got (Pasion)
Hear it on the radio (Passion)
Read it in the paper (Passsion)
Hear it in the churches (Passion)
See it in the schoolyard (Passion)
(* Repeat 2 times)
Somebody to hold on to
Alone in your bed at night (Passion)
It's a half past midnight (Passion)
As you turn out your side light (Passion)
Ooh something ain't right (Passion)
There's no passion, there's no passion
There's no passion, I need passion
You need passion, we need passion
Can't live without passion
Won't live without passion
Can't live without passion
Even the president needs passion
Everybody I know needs some passion
Some people die and kill for passion
Nobody admits they need passion
Some people are scared of passion......

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