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Stevie Hoang - Listen To Your Man lyrics

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Listen To Your Man by Stevie Hoang

Tell me why we gotta go through this again
well i guess that youve been talking to your friends
cuz you're accusing me of things that i havent done
what i was doing at the club was just having fun
u said she saw me leave the spot with another one
now why would i do that
now she must have mistaken the time that she saw me leave
cuz i was rolling with my boys so the dude she saw wasnt me
you will believe what u want but its plain to see
that your friends just want to come between you and me
dont believe in what they say cuz its jealousy
girl cant u see that
girl u should know by now im not that type of guy
cuz i changed my ways when i found you
just put your trust in me dont let them tear us apart
girl u should know and understand
listen to your man
now we done made it this far your friend said we wouldnt last
i used to roll with a black book but that was all in my past
now ive given up the game just to be with u
even my homies cant believe it but girl its true
cuz i finally found someone i can call my boo
girl u should know that
tell my why your heart is filled with so much doubt
cant believe that everytime im gone u think id be playing u out
dont be believeing all the things taht people say ur the only girl i kick it with everyday
tell me why the hell would i throw it all away
why would i do that
please believe me when i say no one else can take your place
cant let the haters try and tear us apart
girl ur the only one that holds my heart
I think i might be missing some things but its all i can do

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