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Stereophonics - Call Me No 5 lyrics

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Call Me No 5 by Stereophonics

I dreamt I was falling
I never woke up
I dreamt of a warning
A yellow buttercup
I dreamt of an old flame
Smoking cigarettes she was
Dancing in a night club
With some other men
I was holding up a drugstore
My gun was soaking wet
From the barrel I was trapped in
That went tumbling over the edge
You can call me...number 5
Please, please, my, my
Call me number 5
Call me number 5
That's why I'm still alive!
The barrel cracked up open
I was swimming for my breath
I knew I wouldn't make it
She watched me catch my death
So I switched on the TV
Saw me reading out the news
Another story of a plane crash
Another story of bad news
The TV cracked up open
My baby boy came out
I was looking at my new wife
I ain't writing home about
You can call...(and so on)
I boxed around a silver ring
With blood stains on my face
I cut the dog with yellow teeth
And drove his car away
Chorus again!!

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