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Stephen Covell - Outside Austin lyrics

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Outside Austin by Stephen Covell

In the hills out side Austin
I came up with something awesome
On the back porch of my friends apartment
A hang over
Reminds that youve done something dumb
You're just the same as everyone
Regardless of what theyd have you believe
Sitting Behind these old sunglasses
I love to feel above the masses
But the clock reminds that time always passes
I'm not so big
That I can hold back her moving hands
I've still at my high school dance
Watching With my back against the wall
How soon it's gone
Fear has kept me from so much love
And dreams that I once dreamed of
But now it's gone
I've found those years when friends start leaving
And I'm starting to feel my feelings
And accepted that there may be no reason
To my rhymes
And it happens every time
I get a call in the middle of the night
From back home reminding me that I'm not
They say with age wisdom follows
But they never let you know about the pain and hallow
Space it creates fallout of a lesson Learned
The hard way
But that's just how I've gotten through
Yeah mom I one day I'll agree with you
But for now I'm on my own
I'm gone
Fear brought me where I now stand
Thought I'd get out become a man
That's what it took to remind the boy
He's never

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