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Stephen Covell - Glory lyrics

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Glory by Stephen Covell

Come watch the trees explode in the mornings burning glory
Listen to the dawn as it builds the beginning of my story
Nothing lasts forever at least not the way we had planned
Though we build and we scrape and we create to try shape time hold it in our hands
Just Don't you hide your eyes from me
Don't you hide your eyes
Poring over and over old photographs see how you used to laugh
Used to smile
And what if I don't last till tomorrow if my body breaks down if my mind breaks away
If I just dissipate
As I float away in the last moments of the time when that energy was me
Would at some point I'd turn around one last time and ask was my life complete
Will these pictures be proof enough to say it's ok I did it I done it it's all been fun
Or would my spirit begin to cry ask himself why I didn't try I didn't care
That my time as one was precious a message to the rest of us
Don't put your dreams up on the shelf
It's what I believe you're gone once you leave
Never live your life through someone else

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