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Stepa - Spaztik lyrics

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Spaztik by Stepa

Violent and sonic slave time is gone it’s
The focal point is vocal and the air we breathe is universal
Wake up today punching a clock not a cop
f**k your final say 'cause the sun I suck is f**king wrong
I’m not scared so not scared, God gave a right but he’s not there
It’s my love you cannot bare, makes me God kingdom impaired
Before I laugh at the f**king mind feed, I wanted you to know I can’t help myself
Yeah I know I’m not supposed f**k it 'cause you can’t catch us, what?
Hey guess what? I dare you to speak
And guess what else? I dare you to breathe
You assume an ass of us and that is what you get you f**k
T.V. God is weapon, stereotype that’ll kill us what
Kiss my love you cannot share, makes me God kingdom impaired
Separated in the mix with sticks and stone on the crop
When I fell outta the womb I was fresh without a spot
People and philosophies to stabilize the field
A mass efficient stupid force, our lives to pay the bills
If I am incorrect and a for me now
Whatever you say

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