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State of Being - Overload lyrics

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Overload by State of Being

Just pickin' thru the bullshit
I feel like a sieve
I can just try to forget
All this mess i'm in
I can stand there and take it
I can smack it in the face
I can drag it all tired out
I can leave without a trace
they overload my brain
far too much to maintain
lost in information - overload
Gotta lotta information
Running thru my brain
When i sift thru the bullshit
I can feel the strain
As i grab another drink
I ain't looking for praise
And i'm starting to sink in to
Countless days
Snail mail
Phone solicitation
Media and marketing
In my ears and out my brain
Hidden fees
Pop-up ads
Sensory nightmare
Mental degradation
I hear the sirens
Sirens grab my attention
Bright lights grab my attention
Violence grabs my attention

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