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Stampin' Ground - Outside looking in lyrics

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Outside looking in by Stampin' Ground

I'll find peace within my life
Without the need to judge my friends
Before you start your critical preaching
Remember every carnivore's a potential vegan
True friends are hard enough to find
Without adding to the constraints what's in their diet
And you try to steal away
Their inherent right to choose
If all you do is divide and conquer
Curl up and die, the scene doesn't want you
I will live my life my own way
Whilst you crawl away, stagnate
You seek to judge me?
You don't even know me
So quick to pass the blame
Yet you won't even sign your name
This is not a judgmental song I'm not
interested in casting stones
But if SXE is about anti obsession Isn't being
obsessed with SXE missing the point?
Eating your words to save some face
Your destiny: to fall from grace
Scene elitists scaring kids away
With their snobbery and power plays
I will live my life my way
While you curl up and die
And every time that
They force their views
Someone else will lose
The right to choose
There is room for
Everyone in this scene
Pointless divisions
Are all your cliques mean

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