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Stampin' Ground - Fundamental truth lyrics

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Fundamental truth by Stampin' Ground

Face the truth
Despised for being godless
Dismissed as being hopeless
But if there is a hell, we're living in it
So what's to lose by so-called sinning?
I wonder why
He was nailed up to die
Sorry to say It means so little today
Where is your god
When the innocents die?
Condemned by the righteous
Martyred for a lost cause
Sacrificed in countless wars
We played no part in that ancient drama
Yet your conscience insists (you still blame us)
2000 years of kissing ass
How much longer will this penance last?
You fail to see the hypocrisy
That riddles every word of those arcane texts
Are you really any better than me?
Yet you say you preach 'unconditional forgiveness'
I know he moves in
Mysterious ways, but I don't ever
See him moving at all
Condemned for all eternity
By the self-righteous few
For refusing to subscribe

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