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Sporty Thievz - Push Me Away lyrics

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Push Me Away by Sporty Thievz

She hasn't eaten in days
Her family wonders about her ways
But they don't understand they try the best they can
To push it all away
She hasn't spoken in days
She lost her job that never pays
As she tries to understand why she never found a man
Who wouldn't push her away
She says everybody puts their faith in someone they cannot see
Yet I'm standing right here, you won't believe in me
Tell me what it takes so I don't feel fake
And I'll try to be good for goodness sake
All I ask from you is please don't push me away
And I don't know what they have said to you
While some of it just may be true
I need some time, I'll be fine - don't push me away
Her mother was never there
And her father never cared
And the children understand that even they have their demands
That just get pushed away
She's hasn't smiled in thirty days
Since her father flew away
And she tries to understand why he couldn't be a man
And tell her that'd he stay
Go ahead, do what you may
I've got nothing to say
You've said it all before
On your way out the door
I can't keep losing you
I can't keep going through
The same thing every day
Go ahead..... push me away

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