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Spoken - Taken for granted lyrics

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Taken for granted by Spoken

Feel that flame as burns your skin.
No longer at peace, but at war within.
You thought you could do it on your own.
Now you're in hell with burning chains all alone.
I tried so many times to help you, but still denied,
I wanted to share heaven with you,
But now you're alone in another life.
You cry in pain and what remains?
I'm so sorry it had to end like this,
I thought you would understand.
You could have easily turned around and asked God to forgive,
But you just laughed and walked away,
To the unbelieving life that you live.
You just stood there as they beat him,
As the whips tore through his skin.
He wanted to cry out in pain,
But that wouldn't have freed you from your sin.
He asked his father why he was forsaken,
But God loved us so much.
Christ died to set us free;
God loves us that much...

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