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Splinter - I Empty lyrics

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I Empty by Splinter

1-2-3-4 Sick of waiting anymore
5-6 going higher, getting colder feed the fire.
Will you take me incompletly, need to taste you bitter sweet
I have wounds that I can show you, kiss you sting you f**k you take you
I will work to break you slowly, I will haunt you without fear
Mine is gold and pure as snow but dipped in blood of virgin's tears
I cannot be shared, I will not be saved
It is here that I'll hurt you, it is here that I'm safe
No touch is ignored, no sex too strong
I. . . I am one
7-8-9-10 Breathe deep here we go again
Ticking tocking muscles aching, pumping blood flows the infecting
Like a lump inside your throat, it pricks your thumbs when you're alone
Infect the wound where angels clean, make you cum and make you scream
So spread your mind I'll f**k what's inside, dive in deep where demons hide
Hurt you deep my love is numb
I. . . I am one
In this place, my insane grace
I alone - a tattered face
Hide alone in the cold
The only soul you've ever known
I will catch you when you run, I will hurt you in the end
When you find you hate like I
Trust in me to feel empty.
Don't cover your eyes now baby, you're so cold... a blown mind away

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