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South Park - Tha Night Shift lyrics

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Tha Night Shift by South Park

Now spread the word, I got them bricks on a dead end street
And watch them jump-out boys 'cuz they rollin' 10 deep
Creepy Crawl in the night, ya'll know the deal
On the mothafuckin' Hill, we all strapped to kill
Chill, hittin' licks in the wind that never ceases
Gettin' agg 'cuz they askin' me for 3 dolla pieces
How the fuck I'm spose2 come up off a shife move?
Run up on a 20 and come get yo ass an ice cube
It ain't nothin' while you bumpin' in yo Cutlass
Just understand the roughness, Never cut this for the gutless
'Cuz it's Do or Die, You ask who am I
That mama heart-breaker ever since junior high
In the eye of the public the Brown be the suspect
So the streets taught me to be loveless
Causin' ruckus in a dope feinds bucket
My 2 favorite subjects wuz Duck It's and Fuckin'
Tha Night Shift, Young Hustlaz Workin' Graveyards
Tha Night Shift, Street Soldiers Workin' Graveyards
My 9 be, beside me, Tonight we work the Night Shift
My 9 be, beside me, Tonight we work the Night Shift
It's your Midnight Mistress, Playa named Pimpstress
I keep it crunk, handle up on my business
Queen of the clique, feind for my shit
I'm ??? and corrupt, 16 in my clip
Puffin' Black & Mild you can't cramp my style
Playa Hatin' Bitches make me crack a smile
Tonight, we hoo ride in the moonlight
My Freddy Reuger sounds like the 4th of July
Fools die, fuckin' wit my feria
Daddy Streets wanna marry ya then bury ya
Nina Ross, Mary Jane, Miss Cocaine
The 3 Devil's Daughters deep in this dope game
So strange, True G'z won't change
Close range, left your boys wit no brains
Street Zombies takin' out possies
Dangerous Hobbies....Just call me
Alone in my home, cock my gats
I'm known for my dope, so I watch for jacks
Kick-door burglar come on in
Bring all yo men, Let the games begin
Pumpin' 'em in a G manner
Hot shots comin' out my banana
Got plans like Santa Ana and balls like Tony Montana
Trick or Treat, smell my heat
Hear my mothafuckin' drum beat
Don't believe my tales from the hood? Come see
It ain't a joke, you'll get smoked. This ain't Wonderland
I'll kicks this shit so you mothafuckas understand
I clock mines wit a Glock 9
Blow they head off a mothafuckin stop sighn
Be that one never, you come, I come betta
Bring yo umbrella, I'll brings the rough weatha
One treasure, One pleasure
Choppin' up chedda, Ya whole crew get done by one fella
Chorus 2X and out

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