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Soulja Slim - Soulja 4 Life lyrics

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Soulja 4 Life by Soulja Slim

[Soulja Slim]
Man I sure don't need them dick suckers f**kin' wit me right now brah
Man I'm muthaf**kin' high right now man, shhh, f**kin' wit a nigga
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
It's hard to maintain this soulja life mentality
If it be a tradgedy, dem white folks come & hassle me
Gon' slam me down & wrestle me, just to put on handcuffs
Then charge me wit resistance when they told me throw my hands up
[Soulja Slim]
Just cause I'm a black man, push a 2G Lac an
Mouth fulla golds an my neck & wrist frozen
They label me a drug lord supplyin' the 3rd Ward
When I only push some Ghetto D wit Master P & my Tank Doggs
Money in the bank dawg, dem haters don' like dat
b**ch this ain't the slave days, us niggas gon' fight back
You crackers can write dat all up in the magazines
Put me on a T-V screen & I'm gon' say the same things
You can call me racist, black man in this white world
I'm sick seein' sell out niggas married to these white girls
Knowin' they the enemy, can't never be no friend of me
I just get my dick sucked, nut in they mouth instantly
They ain't nothin' but freakshows, you feel dats what you need though
While you off at work or somethin' she f**ked one of yo people
Now you want to kill somethin', pull of you an O.J.
If you ain't got the dream team then you ain't winnin' yo case
I get all up in yo face & call you a straight house nigga
I know yo gon' press charges on me,
Whip my pistol all up in yo mouth, nigga
[Soulja Slim]
Black man kill a black man, it's cool they lovin dat
Black man kill a white man & the sentencin' him to death
White man kill a black man then scream about selfdefense
Break it down to manslaughter wit all of the evidence
Ever since I been here, been nothin' but sin here
I done backed up out the game just to persue my career
So I'm gon' say this loud & clear, muthaf**k the white man
Ku Klux Klan talk sh*t but they don't want start sh*t
Niggas today ignorant, especially my little generation
Squeeze triggers wit no hesitation for any kind little of altercation
Rappin' is my occupation but I'm still ride wit my pistol though
An drop the top on the low low so I an feel the wind blow
Pull up on side of white folks, smile show every gold I got
Smokin' on some sticky sticky but yall like to call it pot
Young black man callin' shots, middle finger to all the cops
Suck a nigga dick pullin' ya glock out for a little traffic stop
It's hard to maintain this soulja life mentality
If it be a tradgedy
[Soulja Slim]
Yall know what they gonna do ya understand, these niggas out chea
Talkin' bout a nigga hatin' on them, what the f**k you talkin' bout a
Nigga hatin' on you b**ch ass nigga, you know who hatin' on you
Tha D-A & the judge hatin' on yo b**ch ass nigga, the police's & all
That type of sh*t nigga, f**k you talkin' bout a nigga hatin' on you
Behind a hoe, a real nigga a bat the p**s outcha scary ass

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