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Souljahz - Poor Man lyrics

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Poor Man by Souljahz

#11. Poor Man
(Joshua, Jekob, Rachael Washington, A. Williams)
You don't know me, look into my eyes
You don't trust me; you'd rather die
Then to take my hand, lead me from this land
Of destruction and poverty why don't you understand?
You don't see me, look into my soul
Cant belive me, I have nothing to show
But my legs and my arms and my feet
And my ears and my eyes and my hands
Cant you see that Im a man?
I am the poor man on the street
And to the rich man im a sinner,
Im a beggar and im a freak
Everyday you all just pass me by
Cant you see me, please don't deny that im alive
Aye yo i roam all day and night alone
This cold pavement is my home away from
Where i spend it, don't matter none
Cause im left stranded but not the only one
Cause there's a whole community of them and mes that you stare at
Like we are the enemy and i swear i
Don't mean no harm i, just wanna walk with ya
Don't mean no harm i, just wanna talk with ya
Tell me your name, I'll tell you mine
How you doin today sir, im doin fine
Now tell me, how that seem so hard
Easy to forget about me when you forgot about God
So now i lay me down to sleep
I pray dear God my soul You keep
And if i die before i wake
I pray dear Lord my soul you take, you take
Listen, it's a hard road and it's a hard game
To live the live of the man that has no name
And you point your fingers and laugh
Did you ever think where this man takes a bath?
Did you ever think when you called him a slob?
That it might be you in a year with no job..Nah
Yeah, he was livin day to day a normal live just like yours
A job, house and a normal wife just like yours
But never did he think or comprehend what was ahead
Yo, his stock dropped to zero now he's better off dead
Then goes the house, back accounts and the Benz
Just when he needed em them the most there goes his friends
Suicidal thoughts as the countdown begins
Puts the nine (9mm) to his head it all comes to and end
About to pull the trigger as he takes his last breath
He remembers when he dies his kids inherit his debt, Ooh
There's nothin left, nowhere to run, puts down the gun, puts out his hand
Begs you for a dollar and you deny him again
Look him in the eye and deny him again, his name is poor man
You say you love God but God says
Feed him and you feed me
So why deny me of the very thing i need
Don't want your money, no, at least have the decency
To look me in the eyes and not deny that im alive

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