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Souljahz - Alpha lyrics

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Alpha by Souljahz

Can you hear
Angelic voices fill the halls
Emotions bouncing off the walls
As the tears hit the ground you feel
You feel strange
Overcome by deception and pain
dont you see if you look to the three trinity
there's so much more you can be.
Everywhere I look around me, they surround me
underwater flows tryin' to drown me, What?
Bringin on the evil...wanna clown get cut
Let the Holy Word be my sword..give me more
What you hangin around here stalkin me for?
I be the souljah and life be the war
Christ be the teacher and life be the test
Satan be the the bullet proof vest
And you don't know His name, oh what a shame
sold your soul for the fame, now your king for a day
Cry when i pray and every single tear filled with the lost generation
of peers...weed headed regrettin' what you done done
Gettin drunk, throwin up, yeah thats fun
How you gonna explain tha to your son?
Long live the King and His Kingdom come
I look around me
See the world trippin, dippin ,and divin
I find myself slippin
Father forgive us for the sins that we be commitin
the evil that lies within lust, greed, hate
Sexually and spiritually fallin in the grave that we diggin for ourselves
different times, different ways, different phases of life
Strife, cut with a sharp knife
Lyrical incisions, yo, spirtual decisions..what?
A revolutions comin but you neva wanna listen...
What you think its a game?
Rappin 'bout money, sex, and fame
Caught up in these wordly ways
Frontin cause you bought an iced out Roley with a diamond in it
Yo, we all know it
Cause in every photograph you neva hesitate to show it,
And when you writin your rhymes you neva hesitate to flow it
Demonstratin lyrics full of pain
Need to change
Elevate the level of your brain

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