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Sonic Youth lyrics

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Lyrics for album: The Whitey Album (As Ciccone Youth) (1989)

Addicted to love
Burnin' up
Children of satan/third fig (Instrumental)
Hi! everybody!
Into the groove(y)
Macbeth (Instrumental)
Macbeth ii (Instrumental)
Making the nature scene
March of the ciccone robots (Instrumental)
Me & jill/hendrix cosby
Moby-dik (Instrumental)
Needle-gun (Instrumental)
Platoon ii (Instrumental)
Tuff titty rap
Two cool rock chicks listening to neu

Lyrics for album: Sonic Youth (1988)

Lyrics for album: Whitey Album (1988)

Lyrics for album: Daydream Nation (1987)

Lyrics for album: Master=Dik (1987)

Beat on the brat
Chinese jam (Instrumental)
Don't ask me why
Florida oil drums (Instrumental)
Funky fresh
Guitar lick (Instrumental)
He’s on fire
Master-dik (beatbox version)
Our backyard (Instrumental)
Traffick (Instrumental)
Under the infuence of the jesus and mary chain
Vibrato (Instrumental)
Westminister chimes (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Sister (1986)

Lyrics for album: The Walls Have Ears (1986)

Lyrics for album: Death Valley '69 (1985)

Lyrics for album: Evol (1985)

Lyrics for album: Bad Moon Rising (1984)

Lyrics for album: Confusion Is Sex (1983)

Lyrics for album: Kill Yr Idols (1983)

Lyrics for album: Made In Usa (Soundtrack)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Bad Mood
Bang zoom 7 track (Instrumental)
Bee - bee’s song
Blonde redhead
Blues blur (Instrumental)
Brave men run (demo)
Broken eye (Instrumental)
Burning farm
Ca plane pour moi
Celtic frost
Cherry's blues
Clapping music
Clippers (Instrumental)
Come and smash me said the boy with the magic peni
Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis
Compilation blues
Computer age
Conversation (live)
Corporate ghost (Instrumental)
Creme Brulee (LP Version)
Death valley '69 (demo)
Dig this!
Dirty boots (long demo)
Dirty boots (rock n roll heaven version)
Disappearer (demo)
Doctor's orders (t-vox)
Echelon (Instrumental)
Eyes and teeth
Hallowed be thy name
Hits of sunshine
Hungara vivo (Instrumental)
I am right
I am right (goofy mix)
I know there's an answer
I love you mary jane
I Wanna Be Your Dog
I'm Not There
Invito al cielo
J'accuse ted hughes
Kill Time
Kill Your Idols
Made in u.s.a (Instrumental)
Madonna, sean and me
Magic air (Instrumental)
Magic wand
Major label chicken feed (Instrumental)
Moist vagina
My arena
No part ii
Noisefest track
Non-metal dude wearing metal tee
Psychic hearts
Queen bee and her pals
Radio-amatoroj (Instrumental)
Rrr-500 track
Ruben's beard (Instrumental)
Santa doesn't cop out on dope
Shacking Hell
Side One
Side Two
Side2side2 (Instrumental)
Silver train (Instrumental)
Simpsons theme
Slaapkamers met slagroom (Instrumental)
Social static (Instrumental)
Sonic death side 1
Sonic death side 2
Sonic youth ep
Stil (Instrumental)
Su noij
Tabla in suburbia (Instrumental)
Tellus 18 track (Instrumental)
Terry's carrot
That's all i know (right now)
That’s all i know
The crucifixion of sean penn
The red and the black
Theme from "things behind the sun"
Tom Violince
Touch me i’m sick
Trilogy: Eliminator Jr
Under the influence of the jesus and mary chain
Westminster chimes
Within you without you
You pose you lose (Instrumental)

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