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Sonic Outcast - Withdrawal lyrics

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Withdrawal by Sonic Outcast

You, queen of the anti-trust
High off the body rush
I can see through all your selfish moves
Air, lack of good breathing room
Killing what you consume
Don't bother hiding it all from us
Tearing the life out, feed your disease
Blame, avert the pain, no shame
Count, the times you have let him down
Dragging his heart around
Ignore the lies that slip past your lips
Fear, faced now with your demise
Caught by your alibis
Dreading the day that you will be found
Fingers pointed somewhere else, it's so hard to see yourself
Never thinking you should change, you'll pay, alone you'll stay.
This will end now
You deny why it came to this
This will end now
Go prey on someone else's mind

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