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Solé - It Wasn't Me Ft. Ginuwine lyrics

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It Wasn't Me Ft. Ginuwine by Solé

Aww yea(yea)Red zone(red zone)Sole (sole) Ginuwine(ginuwine)
Your girlfriend's lying baby
it wasn't me
your girl said i hit it baby
it wasn't me
your girl wants to do it to me
she wants to give it to me she will not stop
until i let her come and do me do me(2x)
I need to ask u a question this thing dat i heard
it got me stressin im guessin baby comin to u for your confession
if u did it then u besta tell me straight up cuz wat i heard
completely overwhelmed me dont try to sell me then compell me
to be packin and gone oh better yet ill pack u up before the end of
this song but if i wanted my complete apology u will see this cannot
happen & u kno dat i dont wanna believe dat u will even ever let
another woman receive the love u give me everyday i fint it hard to convieve
but if its tru them imma have to tell u this is da end i asked u once
not again was u fuckin my friend? tell me now
Now let me tell u wat she told me she said dat u was fakin and phony
fuckin my homie actin like u dont even kno me sayin time and time
again dat u was leavin me lonely ridin my pony angie and this chick
named romy tellin me the way u hit it wen i left for the keys talkin
bout the carpet burns she recieved to the knees the multiple
orgasms wit the greatest of ease and orally the way u had her
screamin beggin u please & she was trouble from the start when
i met her whatnot if i leave dear john will be da letter ull find if
u want it u can have it it aint wetter then mine it'd be another mans
game it aint betta then mine now tell me
I kno she lyin but da details is all too clear & i kno betta then to run
wit everything dat i hear trust was never problems for us it was
perfectly clear its been like happy ever after for the past 2 yrs i kno
she want u tho she said it on the night dat we met now she takin
drastic measures trynna see if she get she fightin in a battle dat
she kno she neva can win steppin down to a six wen u workin wit ten?
wanna walk in my heals? wanna work wit my deals? wanna kno how
it feels? im jus being foreal ill take your word for it this time im stayin
wit u make sure it neva happens i aint playin wit u now tell me
Chorus till fade

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