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Slutbox - Basehead lyrics

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Basehead by Slutbox

Love me - hold me - kiss me - kiss me - love me - hold me
Picture all the suffering - as the story is unfolding
Like children on the playground - your innocence was wasted
Insisting that the rotten fruit - is not what you had tasted
Lost me - fought me - left me - can't stop me
Jaded - hated - junkie - basehead
The smiles have changed to shotguns - you're running out of shells
You whisper silent warnings - but the screams ring out like bells
Behind your smile there lies a snake - that longs to strike its prey
Desperate to swallow all of me before my minds decay
Use me - f**k me - kill me - kill me - hold me - love me
A demi-god of broken dreams - place no one else above me
When disgracing face you lose your place - just know that I'm the light
I will seal the puncture wound - and make the vein blood-tight
(Lost me - fought me - left me - can't stop me)
Touch me - rape me - kill me - hold me - f**k me - use me
Treat me like your whipping post - I beg that you abuse me
Lie with me my bloodstained bride - and hollow out the depth
Pick away my dignity - until there's nothing left
Paranoia - marijuana - codeine - cocaine -
Percocet - vicodin - bloody syringe - stick it in

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