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Sloan - Had enough lyrics

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Had enough by Sloan

(C. Murphy/Sloan)
I don't know if you'll think about me much today
Ever since you started to doubt me
When I said that I love you
So when push came to shove you went away
I don't think that you were mistaken
Any more than I think I was God forsaken
I was under the weather
When you got it together
But I knew you would
You always did
But if you ever auction off your love
I'd make the highest bid
But you were not for sale
You've often said
You'd rather be alone than settle for me
'Cause you've
Had enough
Enough of this
You'd rather steel yourself with solitude
Than have me steal a kiss
You don't even look back with fondness any more
I think you even took back your letters
First you stop reminiscing
Now my memories are missing
But I need them back
If I can't have you
I need at least a photo album's
Worth of pictures all of you
Oooo and each is worth
A thousand words
That showed the life that I preferred
Before you finally
Had enough
Enough of me
You'd rather be alone apparently
Because you
Had enough
Of this song and dance
You'd rather give me two weeks notice
Than to give me one more chance
I don't know if you think about me
But I sure think about you
'Cause I'm lonesome without you
But I know you know

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