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Slim - Don't Say It lyrics

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Don't Say It by Slim

Don't say it
Verse 1:
Please just say you love me yeah
Just the way you make me feel I can't explain
Please say you'll never leave me na na na na naa
I gotta see you everydasy or I can't take the pain
Just don't know what I'll do without you
Can't imagine myself without you
Don't know why you say the things you do
When you know how I feel about you
Can't you tell the way that I hold you
What would make you think I would hurt you
What makes you think I would hurt the one I love
Your the only one I need, I'm thinking of
Don't say it's over (Don't say)
Don't say we're through (No, no)
Don't say goodbye (Don't you say these things to me)
Baby don't say it (Baby it hurts ohh)
Don't say your done (Don't say)
Don't say no more (No more)
Don't say you're leaving (A ooo)
Baby don't say it
Verse 2:
Oooooo If you say you love me (Oh yeaa)
Then when you say those words to me you turn them hearts away
Girl you just gotta believe me (Believe me)
Yes you do ahh
Instead of over reacting and throwing our love away
Verse 3:
How good you make me feel (Good you maake me feel)
Every time when we're alone
How good you make me feel (Good you make me feel)
When your voice is on my phone (When your voice is on my phone)
I can't wait till I get home (Wait till I get home)
I wanna give it to you all night long (Give it to you baby)
When I walk through the door it's on
Girl it feels so good being in love with you
God it feel so good to be in love with you
Bridge (until music fades)

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