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Moses Lyrics

Slick Rick


Moses Song Lyrics

Moses by Slick Rick

I try to block it out my mind

As you see [at] Ruler show's is inquirin' noses
Goin' into a story about a kid named Moses
Once a prophet was to be born, so for anything else furthered
Pharaoh orders every first-born son murdered
One got away, a girl with profit bound with her
Gently put him in a basket, went floatin' down the river
Then ends up by a Pharaoh relative, ol' honey peeped in
Couldn't breed herself and was determined to keep him
"Don't say a word", she told her slave who was a real witch
"Snitch, it'll definitely be the last day you breathe b**ch"
While kids slaughtered, 'cause they was [in] front of them
Soldiers tellin' the king that they murdered every one of them
"Thanks" said Pharoah, guys were a friend to him
Sister showin' her baby sayin' "[on] the river God sent him"
To her brother who arose and said, "whoa sis!"
Curious I suppose this, the upward knows about Moses

As time passed he proved he wasn't the type to beg or borrow
Grew to conquer lands like ain't no tomorrow
Made the son king jealous 'cause he couldn't do what Mo' did
"Pops I'm not to happy the way y'all jockin' this Mo' kid”
"Son, this rash behavior ruins every feast or bash"
"And why complain, now where’s the temple I asked you to build, you piece of trash?"
"Two of you switch… Mo' you build it and you'll find a supreme hero"
"Built it. Anything else, you need Pharaoh?"
"King here's startin' to share my crown"
One said, "How can he?"
But sister not takin' any chance and threw the hooker off the balcony
But word still got to King, who then cold cursed Blessed
Stripped him of his honors and dumped him in the desert
But Mo' returned for the people, with his chest stiff out saw
King said, "You want war? Make brick without straw"
That's a son not being king, the shorty no good [a]rose his
Unhappy I suppose this, the upward knows about Moses

The new king said, "As for your threats, brother stuff it"
"Boy, what do I do now?" prayed the Prophet
Then a vision said "chill" and prophecy filled
Scorn build, hails the fire, all their first-born killed
It was gettin' scary for the king, this made the sufferin' go by merrier
"You win, take these peasants, get the flock out of my area"
Poor villain, still in heat, didn’t want Mo' to fulfill 'em
Wasn't chillin', "then I'll flat send the troops to go and kill him"
So Mo' parts the sea, went across and said "run" and
Did some ol' abracadabra and water fell upon 'em
The soldiers that is, since Moses was suaver
Then Mo' in the mountains havin' a convo with the father
Came back with the tens, seen pantyhose droppin', partner swappin'
Folks wasn't into what po' Mo' was poppin'
So the Earth shook and killed those, bible text closes
Talked about a time when idle worshippin' foes had met Moses

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