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Skye Sweetnam - Imaginary Superstar lyrics

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Imaginary Superstar by Skye Sweetnam

((Imaginary superstar..))
When I'm alone
And in my room,
And there's nothin else to do,
I turn on my stereo
I listen to the radio,
Gets me in a better mood
Changes my whole attitude
I turn it up real loud
Imagine a screaming crowd
It feels.. so good..
This can't.. be.. wrong
My favorite song
Is on the radio
So I blast on my stereo
No one's watching,
So I play air guitar,
I'm an imaginary superstar..
Until I get a microphone,
I'll sing into my brush-o-phone
They can't criticize who you are,
You're an imaginary superstar..
The music stops,
Now it's in my head
Just jumpin round on my bed
Still it's so fun to pretend
I lay burned out on the floor
But they're screamin out for more
So I rock on once again
((Imaginary superstar..))
((Imaginary superstar..))
((Imaginary superstar..))

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