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Sky Eats Airplane - Photographic Memory lyrics

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Photographic Memory by Sky Eats Airplane

I look on the back of the picture
Just a short synopsis with year and date
We look so perfect,
But the truth is
I remember it was killing me.
We lie face down,
There's no regrets
Taped to the back.
I got lost on the ride home
With a chance to escape this hold.
You're the reason this city feels just like home.
When we're together
With you by my side.
A camera can make all time stand still.
And make this moment perfect
What our minds think looking back
Is that we're never coming back.
There's no use for this burnt out match!
I pace the hallway with one name on my mind.
The only name, that mattered so much.
Is the one whose words I crushed.
There's no use for this burnt out match
A dozen puzzle pieces fall onto the floor.
Wanting more is all I ask for
I got lost on the ride from
Seeing you.
I was too busy thinking of you.
If only you knew
This Photograph doesn't speak the truth (2x)
If only you knew
Blinded by,
Light on the other side
If only you knew

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