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Skyblew - SkyBlew's Dream Land lyrics

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SkyBlew's Dream Land by Skyblew

(Verse 1)
You can take whatever you can
My friends or the fam, the food out my hand
Can take my mind
But you'll never take my hopes and my dreams away.
Dwelling in a nightmare it ain't fair
No it ain't fair lord it ain't fair
Losing ones that you care about
To heaven I'm just hoping that I see you there yea
A long path ahead
I travel alone I walked even though I could of flown instead
But you learn from the journey the power you gain
From past battles come in handy cuz we learn from pain
See I ain't worried about the fame yo I rather be hero
Considering the fact I was labeled a zero
From holes that I dug in the past had to get away
And now they say I'm just a hit away but I'm just
Living like Kirby, floating on by in this dream land
Tryna get by with a clean hand
Looking for a reason to smile in this mean land
Uh uh uh we break it down like
Uh uh uh, that's what it sound like!
I get around like that yea yea
I get around like that
(Verse 2)
Minutes turn to hours and the nights into weeks
That's time I spent on dreams eyes closed never sleep
Accumulate clouds underneath my feet 2 fingers up gotta state my peace
Freedom of the speech represent my peeps
Close to making it opportunities there, we taking it
Represent the dreamers I ain't faking it
No mistaking it all these other rappers suck
Inhaling each other, then spitting out the same stuff
I learned that individuality's the key
Don't change who you are for notoriety or society
Be yourself you gotta follow them
Let em judge cuz they wasn't with you shooting in the gym!
Make the best outta good and the bad times
We kept faith even down to our last dime
I know we gonna get it one day
Granny used to tell me son it'll come someday yea, so I'm

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