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Six Magics - Storm lyrics

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Storm by Six Magics

The sun turns black-
They hear our will
The sky is covered with clouds
And we will see a great light in the sky
With hope waiting for the storm
The people stand with fear
The one who will bring salvation to the land
The peace will come-thy will be done
The storm begins-with all the might
Great thunders tremble the earth
The people, scared, are now running to the tower
They do not understand
The meaning of this fury
The mother nature is cleaning our sins
She will come to us you will see
The immense power
From far beyond
Forever and ever this stormy night
We will never forget
[People of the shire:]
From time of eternal wars
To days full of tears and sorrow
The darkness was growing
Stronger and stronger
[Mother nature:]
Don't fear anymore my sons
I will send a storm
It will set you free
From the dark of this medieval century

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