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(SIC)Monic - Till The Morning Light lyrics

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Till The Morning Light by (SIC)Monic

I took a little bit and now I need some more I swear I heard your voice coming
Up thru the floor rain on the window pane and blood is on the door and I've
Been staring into my shadow for two days or more I forgot your name your the
One I love walk to me quietly invisibly forward show me your hands I don't care
Who you are I'll lay in heavens arms once and for all but in my darkest of
Dreams I do the things that paint this room red and I wont ever give in until
The candle burns right through my hands but in my darkest dreams I do the
Things that paint these eyes red and I wont ever give in... Don't you dare hold
Your breath for many only speak and then do nothing in the red of eyes in the
Dead of nite stare into infinity and watch it collapse from the pale and
Bloodless look the innocent lives you took back to where they belong in the
Arms of hell back to where they belong... and I awoke disfigured and I prayed
That the sun would never shine and I resemble a savior transmuting into another
Kind premeditated unconscious enclosures searing deep into my retina destroying
The innocent everlasting melodious prophecy 7 minutes to the hour let darkness
Fall on this place where we dwell did I awake or go to sleep I can't tell don't
Even speak there's someone in the hall thank god he's finally come to kill us
All demented
And decomposing devilish darkened and deconstructing deanimated desensitized so
Detrimental in denial and beauty the haunting lament of the foreboding searing
Deep into my retina destroying I swallow razors and drink the blood of an angel
Drank a little bit and I had a vision pathetic prolific ways I fill my pockets
With all these incisions now I've been locked in here for days but it's not all
That simple when I keep falling in love with the mistakes and I'm afraid that
I'm awake and fate is floating above screaming on down to the second floor cause
I got this fear let me hear ya say screaming on down to the second floor that I
Need some sleep let me hear ya say cause I got these visions... the humanity in
Your eyes as you begin to realize your frailty's photographs in the back of
Your mind there they will dwell... marking in beauty and kept only for deception
I sink my teeth into every single love that I've had mark this day... the
Attributes of this ritualistic prison cover your windows in blankets that you
Tore from your bed... hiding shaking never resting pale as walls your thoughts
Are etched in crawling on the ground I'm searching for someone to take
Me... back to where we belong...

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