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(SIC)Monic - Seven Inches Deep lyrics

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Seven Inches Deep by (SIC)Monic

I heard a man once say before he faded away I wish I could've believed in something other than myself and all this decay he looked into my eyes said you better realize that know is eternal and if you don't believe then look up to the skies he told me tales that day of how he fell amongst the fray and he watched his last sunset as the violet burned his eyes away and then the lights turned off I reached for the man and then noticed I was all by myself if you cannot decide whether today is a good day to die put yourself on the blade
I do not need your fucking twisted philosophies paranoid objectives in encrypted cacophonies and I saw myself levitating and I couldn't believe my eyes out of body mindfuck and know you all better realize the festering blistered simultaneous guillotines drop and sever I am the skin you are the blade you cut me seven inches deep so I am the blade you are the skin I cut you seven inches deep so I can and late at night I cut myself I cut it seven inches deep so I can you are the skin I am the blade seven inches deep so I can feel it inside my soul
I need to scream I need to bleed I form the scars from revelations that I've had late at night all by myself when no one's watching I might pick up that knife and end it all right here and know if no one's around does it make a sound or I drag my soul right clear across a pile of broken mirrors so I can see deep inside this hole
I heard a voice today somewhere deep inside me say that you are only a prisoner to what you believe turn around and just walk away from all the lies that hold you down the fearful separations that sometimes sound similar to vibrations that run six feet underground that you found when you fell face down on the blade and when the lights are off the darkness may carve a hole deeper then what is perceived all for the love of hate the clouds and the sky's in between
[Repeat beginning]
Corruptive indignant psychotropic pigments that bleed you down to the core of your existence a river of blood pours out from the incision it stains your teeth for it's what you crave the sickness if you are love then I am surely hate for these feelings I have they just wont go away and brother I must admit that we are falling even further away with every breathe that we take
7 inches deep so I can be thinking about the reasons I've been looking in light for darkness peeling back layers of infinity but nothing feels quite like the coveted dark incision with a circle beside my vision peeling back layers of infinity cause everything moves in threes deceiving deceive conceive step into your own new state of minds eye pupil dilation physically impeded but traveling out of the universe deep inside
Life death bleed fail you failed to drink the blood of the earth fucking fail for you are worthless

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