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(SIC)Monic - No Conscience lyrics

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No Conscience by (SIC)Monic

Suffer with me here child, let me tell u tales of lies and love and destiny and
Then I'll watch u swallow the pill hallucinate deep in yourself and tell me how
It feels to be alive stare in to the eyes of a lunatic and say how does it feel
When every vein in your face splits and runs rite down your spine crawl into
The body of a demigod and lay down between the third and fourth vertebrae and
Chew thru the bone Stare in to the eyes of god and begin to say I don't fucking
Believe in you walk into the gates of hell and begin to pray that when the gate
Shuts it cuts your throat with your body right here and your head in hell
Suffer the consequence of your sinful actions straight from the hand of god how
Does it feel?
To be in an altered state no conscience now I can begin to
Execute the malevolent heavenly one and then speak to apparitions in a tongue
Born of a malcontent demented anomaly dying inside of me altered state no
Conscience tell me how it feels to live a lie everyone I love I will randomly
Eradicate for when I twitch and salivate my hands continue to shake I can
Barely breathe completely numb to every word you say oh how I love to suffer
Three days of night buried underground stare into the sun don't ever look down
For in the moment that your eyes are adjusting your fears will consume you
State, subliminal embedded fate, a tortured encrypted sadistic and blistering
Wound that's been inflicted as I Suffer the consequence
Of my sinful actions straight from the hand of God and now you will know how it
Feels to be wretchedly addicted to the sinful decadence that's transposing
Within What I'm believing is what I am thinking and what I am thinking is how I am feeling how I'm feeling is how I am living and where I am living is where I am dying and I raise my hands straight up to the sky and it burns down my arms
Away slowly enveloping my soul with a flame that can lacerate and degenerate
The essence of faith in me Suffer this consequence emotionless with no
Conscience and my father says I'm so worthless and my father says I'll never
Be free and I never have felt so alive then the day that I snapped back my neck
And I died stared into the eyes of the Lord and screamed father please help me
Oh what have I done suddenly a lucid and paranoid anomaly begin to dig and
Reach deep inside of me removing my identity conscience and memories so I can
Commit these murderous things emotionless Rape me of my innocence take the
Little piece of hope I have and turn it
Into a thousand blades of divinities eloquence but if I can speak what'll I
Say and if I can't hear how will I know it an altered state no conscience.

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