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(SIC)Monic - Illumination lyrics

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Illumination by (SIC)Monic

And I really don't think you know who you are so I reach out my hand but you've
Fallen to far and you choke on the love that you
Claim as your own but in darkness you still feel so alone and I wonder when
You'll realize all the frailties of your life My soliloquy of decadent disarray
The bloody snow from the fallen angels that now surround me the candlelight is
Will I ever get what I need or am I destined to crawl below
The candlelight is burning the candlelight has been burning for days
Break break break these are the weapons I forge from all the disgust that I
Hold deep in my heart and I cannot escape it it's digging
Deep and it's paralyzing you look so pitiful and useless here
7 days to realize just what you are the silence is so deafening
And when you fall back down I'll meet you are you breathing
So I'll take it and I'll squeeze it and I'll shove it way deep down in my chest
I'll never give it up for anything I'll never give it up
Paranoid, paralyzed, all your faith lost inside
Devastate mesmerize
And on the day when I realized my own humanity I sat down on the sidewalk which
Ran along the streets which I have dwelled for so long
And although it was 2am the streetlights were illuminating so brightly I
Could've sworn it was just before the break of dawn oh but of all the
Transgressions that make a man so defeated inside each moment lost in time
I dug my knuckles into the pavement and the wind began to blow
All the love all the fear walk alone she'd a tear you will know who you are on
The edge of the earth I am meek we are strong sun reflects ambiance broken
Hearts ruined dreams bound by what we conceive devastate mesmerize no more pain
No more lies you will know who you are on the edge of the earth candlelight
Burns away never thought I'd see the day finally you realized
And every thought that you have resemble the lies that you tell yourself
Delusionary and insolent your manifesting you every fear
Dwelling into your narcissistic state of mind oh but the suffering will no
Longer behold you all your love all your life
I am your deepest fear infesting all you experience searing vibrant within
These walls and that's where I'll stay forever

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