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(SIC)Monic - Fist To Throat lyrics

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Fist To Throat by (SIC)Monic

Every time I look I feel
Every time sentimental thoughts that bleed digging in a hole so deep
Try if you can to find me
I dwell somewhere between the truth and what
It means nothing is quite what it seems
So hit the lights and set me free to cross into a dimension so silently bring forth the burning blaze that lives inside of me so far it seems that I better believe in anything but all the voices that I hear
So come on set me free
You'll never know
What I feel
It's knife to hand fist to throat eye to eye
I'm sifting through the sands of time
To find myself inhaling a breathe divine
What of the blood the twitch the final stitch in the wound and I wish I could resurrect the vexed demon that soon will consume all my thoughts amputated from past movements
Visit my blood eye tunnel vision never gonna make the right decisions blade in hand I carve provisions to make my last incision
Eye to eye fist to throat knife to hand eye to eye
One more clip of the angle to complete the circle one more trip to the other side to finally decide that your eyes do not speak truth and though attempting do not see through the silent screams we do walk through and a sudden glitch in the system will point out the victim pave over my grave for I am know enslaved torn apart from the seam I walk wide awake in a dream
You'll never know what this feels like and that's fine by me
Step the fuck off let the decay climb up your spine for the demon will find you and gouge out your eyes in time

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