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Shystie - Make It Easy lyrics

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Make It Easy by Shystie

Why didn’t you say this before, them times when I wanted more
Remember I moved too you but then you said you weren’t sure
So we sat and spoke about this and agreed to stay friends
And now your saying that you want me when I’m moving out the ends
Look at my friends that you’ve been through
I’ve seen what you put them through
Your wrong, its kind of long,
I’ve now moved on, I can’t get with you
Sorry to tarnish your plans
But you need to understand
That you had that chance to be my man
But didn’t feel to take the stand
And now your telling me today
When tomorrow I’m moving away na, that’s deep I cant stay
You need to know this, I ain’t taking no notice
Cos I was raised not too let no man distort my focus
Thou my heart is sugar coated
Its sealed and still bolted
Hun I notice, how you move
So I could never be devoted
don’t risk what you got, cos you got too much to loose
‘But I love you’ na you just dazed and confused
Make it easy on yourself x4
This whole scenario, just shows we weren’t meant to be
Cos I love as my friend now, so it’s best I leave
Look.. your out there studying your masters degree
While I like a thug that devises bank robberies
Ya see, Shystie’s all about living life fast
Hopping in and out of cars, thugs repping it large
You cant change your ways, so just keep to your books
Because there’s no such things as ‘No half way crooks’
This is what I’m on, who I am, I ain’t gona change
I’m about the street fame living in the fast lane
Let me make this brief, my ways get me into beef
So I need a man, that’s on guard ready to roll deep
Use your logic don’t go with your heart, I’m rough round the edges and dark
Yeah we got a deep past but it will never last
I’d rather past, you were right from the start,
Friends until the day we die, friends until we part
Look, you need a relationship that’s stable, I ain’t really able
I know you got faith boo, but I’m far from a angel,
In my ends I’m labelled, my tag name will say it all
so I couldn’t guarantee to you that I’d stay faithful
You need a girl that moves with a slow tempo
Appreciates the things you do and gets sentimental
I ain’t the one to lie, your not my hubby type
don’t throw away your life your playing with a game of dice
‘I don’t care what you say I wana be with you
I wana hold you down I’ve opened up my heart to you’
Right now I really don’t care this situations not fair
In months to come I bet that you’ll forget I even lived here
I’ll be your blurred memory,
I bet you wont even remember me
You’ll be like what’s that chicks name again
Like you ain’t heard of me
So just keep your head and just hold it firm
And we can both take this as a lesson that we’ve learnt

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