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Shriekback - Lady Malaria lyrics

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Lady Malaria by Shriekback

drop another coin in the melodrama jukebox
i came here to be alone
but if you feel the need to bleed
then i'll condemn or i'll condone but
i'm not your pocket shrink
not going to buy your drink
and you will never know what i think about it
did you take a big step babydoll
lady malaria?
did you have a knock-down drag-out
lady malaria?
when it's said and done will someone be around to take care of you?
lady malaria
so here we go again bring it on you've earned it
seven come eleven with a big red bow
before you pitch another fit my way
here's just one thing that you should know
i'm not the bad guy here
the roles aren't cut that clear
and what you think is fear is fever
only fever
only fever breaking
it's sad but nothing new
no matter how much you stew
there's nothing you can do about it

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