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Shop 11 Phoenix - Ineffectual Friend lyrics

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Ineffectual Friend by Shop 11 Phoenix

You talk trash when I'm listening to you
Why don't you come back when I care
I try so hard just to live my life
Is that too hard for you to bare
Should I end it all would that be easier for you
Cause if it is then I will
I've done so much now I'm just a deadbeat freak
You stay up late at night plotting to kill me
Whatever I say goes over your head
Some things are better off not said
It's eleven thirty feeling tired and kind of dirty
I better not come around or I'm dead
There is a God that watches over you
You better watch out with what you do
You say that I'm so right but you act like something's wrong
You need to make up your mind and think about what you said
You're lame, so lame
One more person in the world that is lame
I'm sick and tired of all the lies that follow you
Why don't you make up something new
Start telling the truth it will be time well spent
It's a more better environment
Sorry if I make you mad
I don't want you to cry
If you give your keys to Him...I promise... I will be your friend
But I have to ask you this one thing
I've been wondering
I've been wondering all along...
Why are you so lame

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