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Shindig - You Put The F In Friendship lyrics

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You Put The F In Friendship by Shindig

I can't believe you could do something so wrong,
When i thought that we were the best of friends.
It was you and me against the world, or so i thought.
Best of luck as you take us on yourself.
I hope it makes you proud to know what you've done.
Breaking me like nobody ever could.
Now this hatred for you is all that i've got.
Driving me like nobody ever would.
So say your prayers tonight before you lay your head.
I'm going to make you believe.
Fall asleep, close your eyes and dream of me there tonight.
I'll be the knife at your throat.
When i slip and you fall,
Would you believe that all of this was in your hands?
How does it feel to think you got the last laugh,
When i'm here and i'm laughing over you?
The only joke is how you thought you were so god damn good.
Bottom line, the only joke is you. it's true.
For once, i'd like to make you feel the way i do.
With every time i move this blade, i intend to.

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