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Sheer Terror - Young Punks In Love lyrics

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Young Punks In Love by Sheer Terror

They met at a show late on a Saturday night. I'm tellin' you, it was love at first fist fight. Bootboy causin' trouble, knockin' around the town. Punk girl drunk and dancin', and foolin' around. It's the same ol' line, teen lust makes you blind. Hormones hit the fray, guess who fell in love today? Then she throws a smile his way, and he asks her for her name. Buys her a beer, and then push comes to shove. She grabs his hand, and shemes a plan, off they go to no-mans land. Oooh: Young punks in love. They grab a six pack, and they head down to the square. Boppin' down the avenue, hand in hand, without a care. They hit the benches, and he throws his arm around her. They're swappin' spit, and he's so glad that he found her. Nothin' else to do, two punks pet and coo. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy - together, forever in violent joy. They were holdin' hands in the park, makin' out long after dark. Drinkin' a bottle under the stars above. "I'm your boy, and your my girl, it's you and me, baby, against the world." Oooh: Young punks in love. (FUCK FUNK, BE PUNK)

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