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Sheer Terror - Yesterday's Sweetheart lyrics

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Yesterday's Sweetheart by Sheer Terror

"Heaven help us all", she said, and then she turned away to cry. "I'm held captive by my own dreams, for reasons I don't know why." She looked around for some solid ground to stand or lay her head. And without further warning, bright and early the next morning, they found her dead, dead, dead. She could've been my friend. She could've been my lover. She could've been just about anything, but now she's gone - but I'm still here, and I'm drowning in the sweat of fear. THE PAPER'S DRAWN, THE DIE'S BEEN CAST JUST HOW LONG DID YOU THINK YOU'D LAST? FATE MY HAVE DEALT YOU ONE EYED JACK BUT YOU'RE A SUICIDE KING WITH A KNIFE IN HIS BACK. There are times when I can almost hear her laughing from up above. But I know for a fact she went straight to hell for the sin of our once love. And I will be with her. Yes, I will be in my own hell. I will not cheat myself of my own destiny. I will submit, I will let go, but not because she told me so. IT'S NO SECRET, BUT I WON'T TELL. SHE WAS PUSHED, I SAID SHE FEEL. WORDS MOVE MOUNTAINS, I MOVE AWAY. YESTERDAY'S SWEETHEART DIED TODAY.

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