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Sheer Terror - Bulldog lyrics

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Bulldog by Sheer Terror

Gangway 'cause I'm coming through. I'll make short work out of all of you. Slobber, I'll clobber away your blues. When I'm punching your teeth right down your throat, you lose. Rollin' around the neighbors lawn. Barkin' it up till the break of dawn. Diggin' up the neighbors grass. Takin' on the neighborhood mutts, and kickin' ass. Don't try to put no leash on me, 'cause I'm running wild and I'm running free. Don't give a fuck about your laws, 'cause I'm takin' 'em down paws and claws... I'm BULLDOG... BULLDOG... I'm BULLDOG, JACK, AND I DON'T PLAY. BULLDOG BREED FUCKIN' UP YOUR DAY. BULLDOG...

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