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Sheer Terror - lyrics

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Holy Mary, mother of Moses. Jesus Christ on a crooked crutch. He's a chicken inspector with a lie detector. A tall drink of water with a Midas touch. He's a high fallutin' six gun shootin' gallute from the wrong side of side of town. He's had his fill of Palookaville, the guy just ain't jerkin' around. NO STOPPIN' HIM, FELLAS, HE'S IN LIKE A SHOT FROM A GUN. HE'S A MAN AMONGST MEN - HE'S A NO. 1. A Joe with a feel for a nine pound steel, and he's got a law to lay down. Big daddy-o's got a one man show, and he's tearin' it up all around. He's tired of this and he's tired of that, Mug, he just don't give a fuck. "ONE" don't play, so you better pray, 'cause everyone's shit outta luck. GOT THE BULL BY THE BALLS, AND A HARNESS ON THE RISING SUN. HE'S THE MAN OF THE HOUR - HE'S A NO.

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