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ShakeemX - The Beginning lyrics

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The Beginning by ShakeemX

Check it, check it, check it, my nigga
Kanarokee ova the road, I'mma show ya how I roll
Been here, nah, we go, nah, hard sh*t
Got em stoned, whachya mean, I stay single cuz I'm fonky
Alone, just know that when we on top we hit ya to the flo'
Aye yo, hit every yayo once I get to the tocky bit on the low
To the way these melodies, they all takin' notes
This the far that I can go, I'd rather stay home and be
Define the figure since pasta and ?
We just stay strong, we move it all for the better days
Elders teachin' me betta ways
So let em hate, it's on my ? illuminate
This time I'm for a lemonade, man
No hate, at the end of the day
I'm feelin' great, oh, where my feelin' great
Clouds descending in and the spark, the light - enlightenment
Tired, excited, I'm Nike God, I'm checkin' in
No-one wrecking these records cuz I be recordless
In the hood they leave ya with no necklace
With this sh*t, I make ya feel innocent
These Vietnamese clips, they won't block my shine
Like the eclipse, I'm too brilliant so what you mean?
Shakeem's as hard as it gets? Now you don't make it rain
Cuz yo hoes barely get wet
I been gettin' b**ches, I knew that you the price ever since
See the stairs but I know that they cannot take these steps
Hate me? Yes! Cuz lately I be comin' late
Hid the Magnum tuckly cuz these hoes is fake
Tell em get the f**k out my face!
Neva luv em, but my ? get how we duckin'
Front Police, the end of the day I must still be me
Can't get locked up, if in my mind I still be free
Emperor X just conquered the future, y'all know me

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