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Sever The King - Aeon Of Annihilation lyrics

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Aeon Of Annihilation by Sever The King

Now look who's free
I'm awakened, set to kill you all
Start hiding
This is the neon of annihilation
I've been buried under far too long
Arisen from the depths
You better start f**king running
Little blind mice you are
See how they run
(See how they run)
To the lies of the deceptive ones
They cut off all your tails while claiming they protect instead
But no one f**king cares when they rip off your heads
Stomp, crush, kill
How many more are there?
How many more are there?
Hide, run, squeal
There will be none to spare
Relying on the ones who changed you into mindless fools
Wake up and realize you'll never have a chance
You're scared to die, but you've never even lived
[Ben Keller ex-Villains]
f**ked by countless lies, you've wasted all your life
A game for tyrants
Endless laughs, just amusing subjects, worthless prey
Reprisal will now engage
With the eyes set to the sky just searching for a sign
No hope, no guidance
All they recognize is misery (misery)
Baffled and cross eyed
One step (one step) in front of me
I'll take the masses down
Full on execution
All shall burn
No stopping me
I'll take the masses down
Watch as populations crumble
No one is prepared
Watch your soul dissolve and your vision turn to black

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