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Alibi Lyrics



Alibi by Sevdaliza, Pabllo Vittar & Yseult

Info List

  • Featured Artists: Sevdaliza, Pabllo Vittar, Yseult
  • Producers: Sevdaliza, Mathias Janmaat, Mucky
  • Release Date: June 28, 2024
  • Writers: Eyelar, Mathias Janmaat, Nilusi, Number Teddie, Pabllo Vittar, Mucky, Rodrigo Gorky, Sevdaliza, Summer Disbray, Will Knox, Yseult
  • Composer: Sevdaliza, Mucky, Mathias Janmaat
  • Phonographic Copyright: Twisted Elegance
  • Label: Twisted Elegance

Annotations and Meaning

"Alibi," which stars Pabllo Vittar and Yseult, explores themes of female empowerment, inner strength, and the intricacies of relationships. The song acknowledges and celebrates women's tenacity in an often unfriendly society. It employs the metaphor of a rose ("Rosa, qué linda eres") to represent femininity and strength. The song combines a story of inner anguish and love yearning with a larger message of self-discovery and empowerment.


Alibi opens with Pabllo Vittar's introduction, which depicts the sorrow and joy of love with the lyrics "No meu amor sempre tem dor, Tudo pelo meu prazer." This establishes the tone for the song's study of the duality of love and strength. Sevdaliza's verse emphasizes women's anxiety and vulnerability in the dark, while also highlighting their tenacity and ability to overcome adversity. The pre-chorus underlines the importance of a supportive companion who serves as a lifeline and "alibi" in difficult times, demonstrating the depth of trust and reliance in partnerships. The chorus, sung by Sevdaliza, continually praises "Rosa" for her beauty and strength, using the name to represent women's enduring power. The rose metaphor relates to the greater issue of feminine resilience. Yseult's verse adds depth to the song by emphasizing on inner struggles and the complexity of love and desire. The repeating of "mélo mélo dans ma tête" represents the instability and mental upheaval in her head. The phrase "Quand je tue un homme, c'est mon alibi" echo Sevdaliza's earlier declaration, emphasizing the importance of seeking solace and justification in their companions. In the bridge, Pabllo Vittar continues the story by addressing the one who causes sorrow and professing their love as a combination of agony and pleasure. The phrase "Ela é o meu álibi" emphasizes the importance of finding an alibi or escape in a spouse. The lyrics use powerful images and metaphors to explore themes of love, suffering, and empowerment throughout the song. Sevdaliza, Pabllo Vittar, and Yseult collaborate to create a powerful song of strength and togetherness, blending their distinct styles and vocals. Totó La Momposina's "Rosa" is sampled in the song, adding a depth of cultural richness and connecting the themes of resilience and beauty across contexts. The track's production, which includes contributions from Sevdaliza, Mathias Janmaat, and Mucky, combines electronic and pop elements to heighten the emotional intensity of the song lyrics. Alibi celebrates femininity, vulnerability, and the strength found in relationships, in addition to its lyrical richness.

Alibi Song Lyrics

Alibi by Sevdaliza

No meu amor sempre tem dor
Tudo pelo meu prazer

[Verse 1: Sevdaliza]
Can you remember when the last time was
You felt safe in the dark?
This world was never meant for a woman's heart
But still, you rise through it all

[Pre-Chorus: Sevdaliza]
When I'm out of breath, she's my vitals (Ooh-ooh)
When I need to rev, she's my ride-or-die
When I'm out of faith, she's my idol
I just killed a man, she's my alibi

[Chorus: Sevdaliza]
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres tú (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres

[Verse 2: Yseult]
Tout est nasty
Quе des mélo mélo dans ma tête
Que dеs mélo mélo dans ma tête
Que des mélo mélo dans ma tête
My baby, doudou
Bisous dans le cou
Sur mon corps tu donneras tout, tout
Do you want it, do you want it too?
[Pre-Chorus: Yseult & Sevdaliza]
Ooh, ton corps sera mon été (Aah-ah)
J'ai mis ton cœur de côté
Fini le temps des poètes
Je les hais comme je les aime
Quand je tue un homme, c'est mon alibi

[Chorus: Sevdaliza]
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres tú (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres

[Bridge: Pabllo Vittar]
Muito prazer, em conhecer
O causador de todo o teu sofrer
E eu vim de longe só pra te dizer
Tu é o meu mal querer
No meu amor
Sempre tem dor
Ela é o meu álibi

[Chorus: Sevdaliza]
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres tú (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres tú (I just killed a man, she's my alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres tú (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres (Alibi)
Rosa, qué linda eres tú

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