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Seussical The Musical - Here on who lyrics

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Here on who by Seussical The Musical

Mayor's Voice:
Help! Help!
The he heard it again.
That small cry in the blue.
Mayor's Voice:
Horton still couldn't see them.
But I'll show them to you!
Is anyone there?
Who are you?
We're Whos here.
We are Whos here.
Smaller than the eye can see.
It's true, sir.
We're Who's who, sir.
I'm a Who and so is she
Mayor & Mrs. Mayor:
We're tiny little people blowing by in the air,
Wonder how and why
We're on Who
The ti-iniest
Planet in the sky!
A-ladela-deladela who who
We're Whos here.
Win or lose here,
Struggling to stay alive.
Each gust pro-
Pels our dust. Oh,
How the heck
Do Whos survive?
At any given moment
We could crash or be drowned,
Hitting the ground, oh my!
Here on Who
The ti-iniest
Planet in the sky
Who Men: Who Women:
Who! Who! Who! Who!
I'm the mayor.
Who Men: Who Women:
Who! Who! Who! Who!
Mrs. Mayor:
I'm his wife.
Who Men: Who Women:
Who! Who! Who! Who!
Mayor & Mrs. Mayor:
Just imagine the Who's unusual life!
Who Family #1:
Picture the tinest houses
And grocery stores.
Who Women:
Who Family #2:
Tiny umbrellas that drip
On the tiniest floors.
Who Men:
Who Family #3:
The tinest tunnels and
Tiniest streets.
Who Family #4:
Miniature buses
With miniature seats.
Who Family #5:
Miniature buildings
with miniature windows and doors!
No smaller town than yours.
We've got a marching band
That is small but grand
Oh, you ought to hear them wail!
And the Grinch is here
And every year,
I re-enact my Christmas tale!
"Every Who down in Whoville
Like Christmas a lot....
But the Grinch,
Who lived just north of Whoville
Did not!"
Imagine a place that is tidy
And totaly clean,
Where even a Grinch
Wouldn't dare to be
Totally mean!
You think that it's Heaven on Earth
Yes, you do!
But Heaven on Earth
Isn't Heaven on Who!
Troubles on Who
Are the biggest that you've ever seen.
We're on the brink of war, they say
Whos & Mayor:
We're going to war, and oh my!
'Cause if we do then here on Who
Whos & Mayor:
Well, you can kiss Whoville goodbye!
Our skies are unbearably dark
Mrs. Mayor
And war is unbearably near....
And that's not the end of out troubles here......
For on the other side of town
The Truffula trees
We're all cut down.
They once stood tall,
In all their glory--
But that's another story....
So here on Who
We live in fear.
We're drifting through space
And cannot steer!
A troubled and a tiny land....
Our future's in your hand....
It's up to
You, sir.
Please help Who, sir.
You're the only one who hears.
You must, sir!
Save our dust, sir!
Now that we have reached your ears!
We're tiny little people
Saying thanks in advance
Hoping perchance, you'll try!
Here on Who,
The ti-iniest
Planet in the sky.....
I won't let you down. No, I won't let you fall.
A person's a person
No matter how small.
A person's a person
No matter how small.
Mr. Mayor:
I'm the mayor of Who, why, I've just been elected.
And upright behavior is thus forth expected.
Yet here sits my son who's sent home by his teachers
For thinking trange "thinks" and inventing strange creatures!
Mrs. Mayor:
We're going to speak with your teachers today
And I hope they have nothing too awful to say.
If you're hungry there's schlopp in the frig-a-merator
Mr. Mayor:
We're late.
Mrs. Mayor:
Here's a kiss
Mr, Mayor:
And we'll both see you later.

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