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Serani - The Equal Spirit lyrics

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The Equal Spirit by Serani

Hunting for silent old canebrake, preoccupied riddle and mystery
When foul air's blowing off the destiny
Shivers full of night's evil soul, sell out desire just like a mischance
A vicious massacre saves the cowardice
Hardness heart and soul, afflicted times and seasons, bleeding devil
Devours the world
Shadow of squalor, run away for fear, tearing bad-looking mask
Change, anxiously comes and goes, permeate the truth, trample to ravage
Break, reduced to pieces, sad and silence, the soul of hibernation
Use up my life in randomness, an innumerable century
Unlimited fighting reflect the spirit
The voodoo nighttime's boiling the curse, metagenesis intense impulsion
You'll vanish on the edge of eternity
Flow through the Lethe and exile, a cry of pain
Ah Paraclete fly towards to paradise, wipe the truculence away
Light the glorious and brilliant light
Dreariness, lots of distress, whom to tell?
No turn, misted, tears drop down
Rebus, crisis, wandering the life, meditate to believe
The dust falls cry my heart out, seperated heart to weep
The unreal fantasy in reality, suffocate
In transit, seek to live, hurt to the marrow, sin floats on a sea of blood
In my dream is evil hate, insatiable need, a survival silent reply
The earth's violent feeling in dawn, open the unbeknown shackle
Praising to the glorious love and soul, an everlasting hope
Equal spirit of the night, the lord of creation
A grand mission in harmony, shining in all directions

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