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Sectorseven - Undercover lyrics

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Undercover by Sectorseven

Assuming you know someone, someone that you'll never know
You're quick to pass judgment to make yourself feel less alone
It's hard to hate someone that really you feel sorry for
Your actions like gravity, will soon come knocking on your door
And when you look at him read between the lines
I know that what you see, isn't what you¹ll find
And in your presence his restraint has got you blind, he seems unaware
A quiet, harmless, thoughtless, dork-like kind of guy
I know that¹s all the man that you'd expect to find
Will she'd his cover and reveal himself to you
He's in control and he'll find the time to care
He'll find the time to give a damn
At your expense you will pay the man
It¹s on again but with a different trend
Cause this time he¹s gained control
Another story is changing, another lie rearranging
Every time he sees your face there is aching
Just another feeling he's got to control
But his faith will keep him all right
Belief in common sense, to know what's wrong from right
I know he¹s seen and felt the repercussions of
A thoughtless, heartless verbal bout.
But his faith will keep him all right
Belief in common sense and he won¹t have to pray
He¹ll have his day. And in the end he'll walk away
Now everyone around you is grown but you've remained
It seems your satisfied to live a life of shame
And now you've got yourself convinced everyone else is wrong, you stand alone
He's up against a mind that thinks just of himself
A mind in disarray, a mind in need of help
As frustration grows and almost gets the best of him
He stops and thinks, he sits back and gains control
But his faith will keep him all right, belief in common sense
It will keep him on his way, will keep him safe
Will keep him proud, will keep him in control

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