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Secret Chiefs 3 - Welcome To The Theatron Animatronique lyrics

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Welcome To The Theatron Animatronique by Secret Chiefs 3

Arbor Solis et Arbor Lunae curse of God rains down forming two great seas
Now the King and Queen bathe in Mercury because it kills everything
Contra Naturum, Mors Philosophorum let the blood clot 'round sanguinary stone
Who dares block the path on the journey home? Pharoah let my people go!
Build the Temple high
So the world can see
Build the Adytum
And the Sanctuary
Then adorned with gold
At the Temple feast
Rejoice in Work complete
Burn the Temple down
Set the captives free
Raze the Adytum
And the Sanctuary
Strip them of their robes
Spit upon their feast
And hand the Temple Priests
And the Angels fall
And the Demons Rise
Sons of Hermes born
Of the Eagle Eye
Show the holograms
To their sightless eyes
So that they might become Wise
Who can look past
The hypocrites
Who desecrate the Truth?
The Chosen and Saved
Pretending with their slaves
To rejoice in work complete
Who can see past
The "philosophers"
Who have denied the Truth?
More cowardly than slaves
All lusting for their graves
They know not what they do
Who can see past the Lies?
The Lies! Lies! Lies!

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